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Disposables Trocar System

Laparoscopic surgery has become increasingly popular over the years due to its many benefits, including shorter recovery time, less scarring, and reduced pain. Laparoscopic surgery requires specialized instruments to gain access to the abdominal cavity. One of the most commonly used instruments is the trocar access.

A trocar access is a device that is used to create a pathway into the abdominal cavity, allowing surgical instruments to be inserted during laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopic disposables trocar access refers to the disposable components of the trocar access system.

The cannula is a tube that is inserted through the incision made in the abdominal wall. The obturator is a sharp, pointed instrument that is used to puncture the abdominal wall and guide the cannula into place. The seal is a device that is used to maintain the pneumoperitoneum, which is the inflation of the abdominal cavity with carbon dioxide gas.

MD Corp Surgical Division: EndoGuidance Access Port

Disposable Full-Detachable Trocar

Double Seal (Latex Free)

Ensuring biocompatibility and safety
Accommodating instruments of various sizes ranging from 5mm - 15mm

MD Corp Surgical Division: 1stFunnel-entry Primary Seal MD Corp Surgical Division: 2ndFunnel-entry Secondary Seal
Funneled entry, keeping airtightness and smoothness
while instruments use or exchange
Cross-entry guarantees airtightness
when instruments are not in use

MD Corp Surgical Division: Full-Detachable Trocar

Full-detachable Design
  • To facilitate specimen removal and realizing fast discharge during the surgery.
Rotation Device
  • 180° rotation stopcock conveniently operated by both hands to controlinsufflation and deflation.
Ergonomic Handle
  • Arc is more comfortable for operating streamlined design.
Detached Secondary Seal
  • Rotary disassembly design realizes fast detachment for convenient surgeonsduring the procedure.
Barb Thread Design
  • Providing stronger fixation to the abdominal wall.

Disposable Auto-locking
Full-Detachable Trocar

Bladed, Safety Shield

MD Corp Surgical Division: Bladed Full-Detachable Trocar
Key Press Locking System
  • For safety operations before and after the penetration.
Bladed Tip
  • Auto-shield for easy penetration allows less trauma and quick recovery.

Auto-locking Trocar
Item No. Size
MDK5-100 5mm x 100mm
MDK10-100 10mm x 100mm
MDK12-100 12mm x 100mm
MDK15-100 15mm x 100mm
MDK15-150 15mm x 150mm

Bladeless Full-Detachable Trocar

Bladeless, Less Trauma

MD Corp Surgical Division: Bladed Full-Detachable Trocar
Bladeless Tip
  • Tissue separation, rather than cutting.
  • Greatly reduced the area of fascial trauma as well as the herniation rate.

Bladeless Trocar
Item No. Size
MD5-100 5mm x 100mm
MD5-150 5mm x 150mm
MD10-100 10mm x 100mm
MD100-150 10mm x 150mm
MD12-100 12mm x 100mm
MD12-150 12mm x 150mm
MD15-100 15mm x 100mm
MD15-150 15mm x 150mm

Optical Full-Detachable Trocar

Optical, Safety Shield

MD Corp Surgical Division: Optical Full-detachable Trocar
Optical Entry
Stainless Steel Obturator
  • Enhancing the penetration of the obturator.
Visible Tips
  • Bladeless visible tip, less trauma.
  • Realizing the visualization of tissue layers during the penetration.

Optical Trocar
Item No. Size
MDO5-70 5mm x 70mm
MDO5-100 5mm x 100mm
MDO5-150 5mm x 150mm
MDO10-100 10mm x 100mm
MDO10-150 10mm x 150mm
MDO11-100 11mm x 100mm
MDO11-150 11mm x 150mm
MDO12-100 12mm x 100mm
MDO12-150 12mm x 150mm
MDO15-100 15mm x 100mm
MDO15-150 15mm x 150mm

Hasson Full-Detachable Trocar

Blunt-round Tip, Less trauma

Hasson trocar is most suitable for obese/abdominal adhesion patients, which can greatly reduce the trauma area and herniation rate.

MD Corp Surgical Division: Optical Full-detachable Trocar
Fixation Device
  • Realizing the adjustment of cannula depth and convenient fixing the suture.
Hasson Tips
  • Reducing the trauma to fascia during the penetration.

-Hasson trocar is most suitable for obese/abdominal adhesion patients, which can greatly reduce the trauma area and herniation rate.

Hasson Trocar
Item No. Size
MDH10-10 10mm x 10mm
MDH12-10 12mm x 10mm

Laparoscopic Disposables Full-Detachable Trocar systems offer several benefits over reusable systems, including reduced risk of infection, cost-effectiveness, ease of use, consistent performance, and improved patient outcomes. By using disposable components, these systems eliminate the risk of contamination from previous use and are more cost-effective since there are no costs associated with sterilization or maintenance. The consistent performance of disposable systems helps reduce the risk of complications during surgery, while the improved patient outcomes can result in shorter hospital stays, less post-operative pain, and faster recovery times.

At Medical Disposables Corp., we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and support. We offer comprehensive training programs to ensure that surgeons and medical staff are fully equipped to use our devices, and we are always available to answer any questions and provide guidance as needed.

If you are looking for high-quality laparoscopic Disposables Full-Detachable Trocar that you can rely on, look no further than Disposables Full-Detachable Trocar. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and how we can help you to achieve the best possible outcomes for your patients.

You can download your Laparoscopic Disposables Trocar Access Catalog here.

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