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Disposables Veress Needle

Laparoscopic Insufflator: Disposables Veress Needle

The cutting-edge Veress Needle revolutionizes minimally invasive surgeries, prioritizing precision and safety. Medical professionals can now perform procedures with unmatched accuracy and minimal patient discomfort.

Key Features of Laparoscopic Insufflator: Disposables Veress Needle
  1. Enhanced Safety:
    Advanced safety features, it reduces the risk of accidental injury during insertion.
  2. Optimal Precision:
    Its finely tapered design enables precise entry into the body cavity, ensuring accuracy in targeted procedures.
  3. Versatility:
    It is versatile, catering to various minimally invasive procedures, such as laparoscopy and diagnostic explorations.
  4. Easy Handling:
    Ergonomically designed for smooth handling, the Veress Needle facilitates seamless maneuverability during surgery.
  5. Proven Efficiency:
    Backed by extensive clinical research and positive outcomes, the Veress Needle has garnered trust among medical professionals worldwide.
EndoGuidance: Disposables Veress Needle Logo

Disposables Veress Needle

EndoGuidance: Disposables Veress Needle

Laparoscopic Insufflator: Disposables Veress Needle
Red Indicator
  • Visible red indicator indicate the needle position for safe insertion
Sharp Tip
  • Sharp tip for easy insertion
  • Available in 120mm and 150mm length

Big size spring-loaded stylet provides loud audible “click” when passing through tissue layers

Laparoscopic Veress Needles

Product Code MND11200 MND11500
Size 120mm length 150mm length
25 Box

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