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Alcohol Testing Product

Alcohol Detection Test

Alcohol reacts differently than other drugs when it’s consumed by oxidizing in the body, meaning the alcohol is released as water and carbon dioxide. However, one part of the alcohol reacts with fatty acid esters. On an alcohol drug test the sum of the concentrations of four of these fatty acid ethyl esters are used as indicators for alcohol consumption.

Our rapid tests use these markers to provide accurate results in the detection of alcohol use. Another technique that we provide to detect alcohol is a laboratory test that uses modern technology to provide results in amounts of picograms. Ethyl glucuronide, better known as EtG, and can provide detection in a longer time frame.

EtG Alcohol Test

EtG urine alcohol test used to be only available through laboratory and the time to get results was lengthily and costly. This onsite urine alcohol test will provide results in minutes at a fraction of the laboratory based test cost. Alcohol is rapidly eliminated from the body when ethanol is detected by breath (breathalyzers) and saliva alcohol test method can only detect levels of alcohol for a short period of time in the blood. Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) is an alcohol (ethanol) metabolite that works as a marker expanding the detection periods up to 80 hours even after ethanol is no longer measurable and doesn't not depends of alcohol levels in the blood. EtG alcohol test will not show positive results for other types of alcohol like stearyl, acetyl and dodecanol since the metabolite is specific to alcohol consumption.

Saliva Alcohol Test Strips

One of the easiest and most common ways of testing for alcohol consumption is with a saliva alcohol test. Saliva alcohol tests are the method of choice for those working out in the field because of its ease of use. All it takes is a quick saliva sample to measure the relative blood alcohol level in minutes.

The advantages of this type of test include:

  • Results in minutes
  • Portability in the detection of alcohol
  • Up to 8 hour detection period
  • Semi quantitative detection levels

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EtG Alcohol Test EtG-114 Urine Alcohol Test

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