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When you are testing for drug use, the accuracy of results is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, there are some that choose to tamper with or throw off the test’s results in order to avoid failing. A variety of adulterants can be detected from detox kits that can be used to create a false negative on a drug test. If you believe a drug test may have been compromised, the drug adulteration test kits from Medical Disposables Corp. can ensure you get accurate results. After the urine is placed on testing pads, the results will be ready in a matter of minutes. These easy-to-use, accurate tests use the urine specimen itself to measure or find:

What do the Urine Adulterant Strips Measure?

  • • pH levels - Determines the presence of alkaline or acidic adulterants and values outside the ranges can be considered that the urine sample could tamper.
  • • Specific Gravity - Will test sample dilution related to tampering the urine sample with water. More water in the urine sample dilutes the concentration drugs in the urine.
  • • Creatinine - The measure of this waste product from creatine and amino acid from muscle tissue. This marker at low levels reflects the use of diuretics uses in the herbal flush to clean the body from drugs.
  • • Nitrite - Normal urine shouldn't any levels of nitrates and this compound is found in most of the commercial use adulterants to oxidize and make undetectable the marijuana metabolite which is the THC COOH².
  • • Glutaraldehyde - This adulterant will disrupt the enzyme used for the detection of drugs in the test causing false negatives. Since it is not present in human urine is and indicator of adulteration.
  • • Bleach - Bleach is an oxidant that breaks down the metabolite present in THC. No human urine contains bleach.
  • • Pyridinium - As an adulterant is very popular to change the results of a drug test. It is also an oxidant that breaks down the metabolite present in THC. No human urine contains Pyridinium Chlorochromate.

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Urine Sample Validation Test

  • Detects 7 common adulterants
  • Avoids tampering of the urine sample
  • Validates donor sample
  • Rapid Results

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