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Disposables Circular Stapler

Laparoscopic circular staplers are sophisticated medical devices designed for minimally invasive surgical procedures. These staplers play a crucial role in various surgical specialties, including gastrointestinal surgery, gynecology, and urology. They are especially vital for procedures involving the joining or resection of tubular structures, such as the intestines or the uterus.

Key Features and Benefits
  1. Minimally Invasive Surgery
    Laparoscopic circular staplers enable surgeons to perform intricate procedures with minimal invasiveness. Unlike traditional open surgery, laparoscopy requires only a few small incisions, resulting in shorter recovery times, less post-operative pain, and reduced risk of infection.
  2. Precise Stapling
    These staplers are engineered for precise and consistent stapling, ensuring secure anastomosis (the connection of two tubular structures) or tissue resection. The circular design allows for a secure seal while minimizing the risk of leaks.
  3. Reduced Blood Loss
    Laparoscopic circular staplers are equipped with advanced hemostatic capabilities, leading to reduced blood loss during surgery. This is particularly advantageous in procedures where controlling bleeding is critical.
  4. Faster Surgery Times
    The efficiency and ease of use of laparoscopic circular staplers can significantly reduce the duration of surgical procedures. This not only benefits patients but also optimizes operating room utilization.
  5. Versatile Applications
    These staplers are versatile tools suitable for a wide range of procedures, including but not limited to:
    • Gastrointestinal surgery: For creating anastomoses in procedures like colorectal resections.
    • Gynecology: Used in hysterectomy procedures and myomectomies.
    • Urology: Applied in urinary diversion surgeries.

Laparoscopic circular staplers have revolutionized the field of minimally invasive surgery, offering numerous benefits, including reduced patient trauma, faster recovery times, and precise tissue stapling. These devices are indispensable tools for surgeons across various specialties, contributing to improved patient outcomes and overall surgical success.

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Circular Stapler

Disposables Circular Stapler

Laparoscopic Disposables Circular Stapler

Specification Model Height of Staples (mm) Outer Diameter of Staples Box Head (mm) Diameter of Ring Knife (mm) Number of Staples
RJCS-K21 4.5 21 12.4 18
RJCS-K24 4.8 24 14.4 18
RJCS-K25 4.8 25 15.4 20
RJCS-K26 4.8 26 16.4 20
RJCS-K28 4.8 28 18.4 24
RJCS-K29 4.8 29 19.4 24
RJCS-K32 4.8 32 21.4 30
RJCS-K33 5.0 33 22.4 30
RJCS-K34 5.0 34 23.4 32
RJCS-L21 4.5 21 12.4 18
RJCS-L23 4.8 24 14.4 18
RJCS-L25 4.8 25 15.4 20
RJCS-L26 4.8 26 16.4 20
RJCS-L28 4.8 28 18.4 24
RJCS-L29 4.8 29 19.4 24
RJCS-L32 4.8 32 21.4 30
RJCS-L33 5.0 33 22.4 30
RJCS-L34 5.0 34 23.4 32

NOTE. Series L is 50mm longer than K series

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