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MD Saliva Alcohol Strips & Urine EtG Test

Saliva Alcohol Test Strips & Urine EtG Alcohol Test

Knowing your blood alcohol content is important after drinking or when diagnosing a patient, but tools for gathering that information can be expensive. That is why Medical Disposables Corp. offers an inexpensive solution with our disposable alcohol test strips. The alcohol test strips measure the reaction of alcohol with fatty acids esters in the saliva. This measurement system produces quick and accurate results that you can rely on. Also since alcohol is removed from the body rapidly we provide onsite EtG alcohol test for urine. EtG which is Ethyl Glucuronide is a metabolite created by the body when is exposed to alcohol and found in urine. EtG Alcohol test is optimized for alcohol abstinence monitoring since EtG works as a bio marker to detect alcohol up to 80 hrs after consumption. This onsite EtG urine alcohol test is the newest forensic test from Medical Disposables Corp. providing results in 5 minutes or less and one of the fewest onsite EtG test kits available in the market.

MD CLIA Waived & POC Test

What is CLIA Waived Drug Test & POC Testing?

All laboratory facilities in the United States that perform laboratory testing on humans are regulated by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments better known as CLIA. CLIA Waived means that the tests have passed all federal regulatory standards (FDA 510K, CLIA Waived, OTC) and those tests are simple to manage by anyone and represent a low risk for error. Some Medical Disposables Corp. products are CLIA-waived drug testing kits and usually are sold for the medical environment or point of care testing (POC) like doctor's offices or pain management clinics. By having waived testing tools you know that you’re getting high-quality, accurate instruments in the clinical market. If you have any questions about our CLIA Waived drug test cups, CLIA Waived Point of Care testing devices and drug test dip cards, don't hesitate to contact us and get more information on our bulk drug test prices.

MD Rapid Influenza Test Kit

Do You Need a Rapid Influenza Test Kit?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advice this flu season was "severe" and flu was already widespread in 36 states in the days before Christmas 2014. The H3N2 strains are behind 90% of the cases and the vaccine for this flu season doesn't include this virus strain. It's very important for doctors to have a rapid flu test to diagnose their patients and give proper care. Medical Disposables Corp. provides a CLIA Waived Influenza Test Kits that get results in minutes.

MD Custom Drug Cups Test
MD Rapid Influenza Test Kit

What Are the Benefits of Drug Testing with Onsite Drug
Test Kits?

Studies have shown that companies that utilized drug testing were able to reduce absenteeism, accidents, workers compensation claims, loss of productivity, and employee turnover. According to the US Department of Labor, “Drug use in the workplace costs employers $75 to $100 billion dollars annually in lost time, accidents, health care, and workers compensation costs. Sixty-five percent of all accidents on the job are related to drug or alcohol, and substance abusers utilize 16 times as many health care benefits and are six times more likely to file workers compensation claims then non-abusers.” Workers that are abusing drugs are also less productive in the workplace than their peers, and far more likely to switch jobs frequently. All of these costs add up for a business! Considering how much it costs to recruit, hire, and train a new employee the cost of drug testing is completely justified. Your business will benefit buying drug test kits in bulk which will reduce costs significantly.

For employers and staffing agencies, drug testing is usually the last step before a potential candidate is welcomed aboard, and the need for fast results is often high. In-house or on-site drug test kits is an economical method of testing employees and potential candidates for staffing and corporate companies. Most standard drug test results from a laboratory can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, while in-house drug test kits; results can be available within minutes . This means, that an employer can find out much faster if a candidate does not pass their test, which in turns helps the hiring process by moving to the next candidate quicker. Even in states where marijuana is legal for recreational or medical purposes drug test for marijuana continues to be legal and employers who have being challenged the courts uphold in favor of the employer to drug test marijuana in the workplace.

MD Workplace - At Home Testing Kit

What is the Difference Between a Workplace Drug Test &
an At-Home Drug Test Kit?

The difference with these tests is the purpose since both will indicate if one or more prescription or illegal drugs are present in urine. Both are FDA Approved and for the At Home Drug Test Kit the FDA will provide the test an approval of CLIA Waived OTC ( over the counter). These tests detect the presence of illicit drugs and the abuse or illegal use of prescription drugs. Most Medical Disposables Corp. drug test are CLIA Waived OTC approved by the FDA. It's always important the use of a quick at home drug test kits is done in two steps, if the drug test suggest that the result is positive a sample of the urine tests should be sent to the laboratory for additional testing.

MD Corp. Custom Drug Cups Test